Customs warehousing

Customs warehousing

Shen Triko LTD has in its disposition customs and provisional warehouses approved by the customs bodies and featuring area of over 2,000 m2. The goods are placed under the Customs Warehousing regime or Provisional Warehousing regime and are stored according to the normative regulations (Chapter 16, Section III of the Customs Act and Chapter 40 of the Customs Act Enforcement Rules). This is economic regime with deferred payment.

Shen Triko LTD has its own customs agency. We offer complete customs service and agency on the territory of the Haskovo region, preparation of all types of customs documents in case of import, export, transit etc.; Euro 1, T2L and electronic declaration, security of transit operations, customs mediation. The Agency has in its disposition highly qualified employees, prepared to work in the field of customs agency.

Services related to customs and foreign trade documentation of deals are provided to legal entities and natural persons, and this is accompanied by provision of qualified directions and marketing advice.

The basic services provided by us are:

  • Customs agency
  • Storage of goods under customs warehousing regime without charging customs collections, local taxes and fees
  • Securities on transit operations and customs collections
  • Preparation of all types of customs documents
  • Preparation of documents of origin – EUR1 Certificate
  • Transiting and re-export of shipments
  • Electronic declaration
  • Monitoring and keeping of active improvement regimes
  • Quotas from the Customs Agency
  • Consultations on tariff charging of the goods and customs procedures
  • EORI registration

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